Woah! Hello guys. I bet you all are probably wondering where the fuck have I been. I’m gonna keep it short and simple. I’ve been working and doing school work. Well, let me not lie here, I have been behind on school work. But this blog has really drifted from my mind. However, I was on my tumblr and I was like oh shit, I have a blog that I forgot all about. But wait…didn’t I move this blog over to another website…oh shit I THINK SO!!! im literally dying at how unfunny I am. Please pray for me!!!!!



Hello everyone. I know I have not been on in a while. I have been very very busy lately. I’m thinking of moving this to Weebly.com. Or I might keep it going on here. I don’t know which one is better.

Brand of the Day // Sorella


Hello everyone. Today I will be doing the fifth Brand of the Day. I picked one of my favorite online boutiques, Sorella by Heather Sanders. Before we get into it, let’s do a little information about the brand and the owner.

So, it all began when I moved to Los Angeles two years ago. I am originally from the Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas area and was behind on literally everything fashion related.  My fiancé and his brother were both really up on the latest fashions, while being around the two of them all day every day; I started picking up on things!

One day I woke up with an idea, I wrote it down and immediately woke up my boyfriend and shared my ideas with him, he thought it was a great idea; we talked about it all day long! He agreed that I should “go for it” and has supported me every step of the way.

I began to think of a name for my Boutique and decided I wanted it to represent a woman’s beauty, while researching names “Sorella” evolved and was the perfect fit, Sorella means “beautiful sister”.

I continued thinking about many aspects of the business and really wanted to launch the business, however I travel quite a bit, while traveling I learned more and more about fashion and my motivation escalated.  I discovered that many places were way behind on fashion.  I had a strong desire to open the Boutique online to allow girls and women like myself to have access to fashion, a taste of my style and the opportunity to be fly!

I absolutely love Sorella. I always refer them to my friends and family. Not only do I love the boutique, but love their model, Asia Dee. If you ask anyone who my favorite model is, they will tell you Asia Dee. However, I adore the founder, Heather Sanders. She is my inspiration. From her different hair colors to her personality. I met her once about 3 years ago when she was on the FAME Tour. I was blessed to meet and take a picture with her. She is very gorgeous and sooo nice. She inspires me to make my own brand one day.

The one product that I love from the side would have to be the Trill Bucket Hat


I love that the hat is denim. You do not have to wear a big and flashy outfit with this hat either. You can just wear a simple white tee with some jeans or shorts. It can pretty much go with almost everything. You can purchase this hat right here. I definitely recommend you all buy it, and to check out the rest of the site. You will leave with a cart full of things.


** UPDATE **

Hello everyone, I know that I have not been on in forever . I just been really really busy with school and my social life. However, I am free and not tired tonight, so that’s why I am awake now. Tonight I will be working on some things for OMG Fashion Mob. Right now I am working on a website instead of just a blog. Yes, I will be keeping this blog and try to add posts more often. If I do not, pleaaase do not get angry at me. I think most of you know that college gets very very very hectic. That is all I wanted to say for right now. If you need me just email me at fashionmob@yahoo.com . Also a instagram is in the making for OMGFM

Questions Tag // About Me

Capture 1


1. What is your middle name?: 

  • Janel


2. What was favorite subject at school?: 

  • It would have to be art and math


3. What is your favorite drink?:

  • It is a tie between Green Tea and Cherry Limeade


4. What is your favorite song at the moment?: 

  • It is a lot so I will only name a few. They are: 
    • Hot Nigga
    • New Flame
    • Rather Be
    • Chandelier 
    • X
    • Bo$$
    • Come Thru


5. What is your favorite food?: 

  • Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken


6. What is the last thing you bought?: 

  • A bunch of stuff for my Apparel Production class


7. Favorite book of all time?:

  • All of the Bearstein Bears books, Arthur book, Dr Seuss books, and the Blueford Series


8. Favorite color?: 

  • Gold 


9. Do you have any pets?: 

  • Yes, Pooh my hamster. 


10. Favorite Perfume?:

  • Mad About You by Bath & Body Works


11. Favorite Holiday?: 

  • Christmas


12. Are you married?:

  • Nope


13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: 

  • Never 😦 But I really want to


14. Do you speak any other language?: 

  • A small bit of French and Spanish


15. How many siblings do you have?:

  • One sister, Yazmine


16. What is your favorite shop?:

  • Topshop, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and American Apparel 


17. Favorite restaurant?: 

  • Chipotle, Taco Bell, Any Chinese place, Olive Garden, Five Guys, Sonic, Chik Fil A


18. When was the last time you cried?:

  • The other day, I miss home so muchhh


19. Favorite Blog?: 

  • My own blog


20. Favorite Movie?:

  • Friday, Juice, Trading Places, A Nightmare Before Christmas, Any movies relating to 9/11, Don’t Be A Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood


21. Favourite TV show?: 

  • Orange is the New Black, Spongebob, Bad Girls Club, Love and Hip Hop


22. PC or Mac?:

  • Mac


23. What phone do you have?:

  • Black iPhone 4 because someone stole my 5c

24. How tall are you?:

  • 5ft 1


25. Can you cook?: 

  • No but I can bake

{ R A R E }

{ R A R E }
I always wanted to start my own clothing line. In the future when I do I want to name it { R A R E }. So I put together this little collage of what my brand will be like and what I want it to look like. I can’t wait until I get smarter and more knowledgeable about the designing business and process.

Get The Look // Selena Gomez

Get The Look // Selena Gomez
One thing great about Selena Gomez is her fashion sense. Lately she has been a total babe. Selena Gomez is one of the Disney Stars that hasn’t gone back, well including Raven Symone and Hilary Duff. This outfit is good for if you’re out for a quick run or you’re going to the airport. I think I would wear this if I was going out at night with some friends and the lumberjack would be perfect for is the wind is blowing. But I personally love this outfit a lot, especially on her.

Clarissa Explains It All Outfit

Untitled #34
Clarissa Explains It All was definitely one of the best throwback Nickelodeon show known to man. Plus we are bringing the 90’s style back. So why not bring back this style? This outfit is 90’s inspired, but has all new products from great brands. No need to go thrifting for these items. Unless you’re like me and love to find a good bargain. I have seen a lot of girls rock outfits compared to this. And as I was watching some of the episodes on YouTube, I just knew I had to recreate the look.

Galaxy print crop top
$33 – londonlovesla.com

Dr. Martens leather booties
$185 – styletread.com.au

Inspiration // Cara Delevingne

Untitled #33
I am in love with the modeling industry, I have been for a while now. I have a list of my favorite models, but right now Cara Delevingne is my favorite at the moment. I love everything about her, from her style, her personality, to her thick eyebrows. Myself has thick eyebrows, so that’s a automatic love in my heart. Not only is she a major fashion icon now, she is only 22 years old. One thing not everyone knows about her, is that she is also a singer!! I love hearing her sing, her voice is so angelic. Another thing that I love about this girl is her accent. English accents are a plus in my eyes. I think everyone loves her. If you do not love her then something is very wrong with you.

Hello loves,

Sorry that I have not made any posts lately. I am now in college, and I have been extremely busy lately. Therefore, since it is the weekend I will be making some posts and schedule them for days during the weeks. I think I will do that more often. Make posts on the weekends every week, and post one everyday. If you have any suggestions on what you think I should post about, leave a comment below or email me at fashionmob@yahoo.com. It can be anything, advice, rant, get the look, inspiration, etc.